Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Monthly Makers June: Plants

Last time I went to Nantes I bought an 80s sweatshirt in a vintage shop. It's wonderfully flowery and just the right amount of kitsch! 

I was wearing it the other day, when an idea hit me - why not use it as my inspiration for this month's Monthly Makers theme? I mean, flowers are plants! So I picked a colour scheme similar to the one on the sweatshirt and got cracking!


Of course, with this month's theme being plants and all, I chose a rather floral approach - a bouquet in a rather alternative vase! 

Almost done! Just a final touch of black… 

And ta-dah! 

I really should use black more often, shouldn't I! Using a colour scheme put together by someone else was a fun challenge, and a great way of exploring colour combinations I wouldn't normally use. I know I draw flowers and plants quite a lot (can you blame me?), but there's something really satisfying about drawing a bouquet - I guess it's the amount of detail it requires! One of these days I might just bring my sketchbook to the botanical garden and spend an hour or two sketching. That's one more thing to put on my summer to-do list!

Do you have a favourite plant or flower? Mine's the cuckoo flower! 


  1. Vad snyggt! Fint att plocka upp färgerna från tröjan och göra en illustration av! Superfint!

  2. Åååh Tone! Jag vill verkligen följa med dig till botaniska trädgården, haha, skissa en hel dag och göra utmaningar baserade på en given färgskala! Så roligt, bra träning och fint! Tycker så mycket så mycket om formen på din bukett och vasen är så fin men sin klotrunda form som bryter av mot stjälkarna. Helt ljuvligt!!